10-15/09 Tusker Vanuatu Golf Open
The Vanuatu Golf Open is played annually at the Port Vila Golf and Country Club. The event attracts professionals and amateurs from many South Pacific countries including, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, New Caledonia and the Solomon Islands. The VGO is now a significant event on the South Pacific Golfing calendar with the NSWPGA backing and professionals able to gain order of merit points for the PGA in Australia. Port-Vila Golf and Country Club – Efate Island • • +678 55 77 034.

21-22/09: Vanuatu Adventure Race Multisport 100Km
This multi sport competition starts with a 2Km swim: two members of each team must complete a 1Km swim each. Followed by a 60Km bike ride: each team member must ride 7,5Km towards Devils Point and return, 15Km a person. Then an 8Km paddle race: two of the team do a 4km paddle, followed by the two remaining team members doing the same. The third stage being a 10Km cross country run: two of the team set out together for a 10Km race. The last one is a 20Km road run: one at a time, the two team members who did not do the cross country run 5Km out from the Beach Bar and return followed by the other runner. Registrations are open up to teams of four competitors, with open and mixed categories. Wahoo Bar – Efate Island • • +678 55 53 153.

DTBA: Nuit Blanche de Port-Vila
Nuit Blanche, All-Nighter (literally White Night, in French) is an annual all-night or night-time arts festival. A Nuit Blanche will typically have museums, private and public art galleries, and other cultural institutions open and free of charge, with the centre of the city itself being turned into a de facto art gallery, providing space for art installations, performances (music, film, dance, performance art), themed social gatherings, and other activities. Port-Vila – Efate Island • • +678 22 947

DTBA Lukaotem Gud Santo Festival
The Lukaotem Gud Santo Festival, Mekem I klin mo I krin (Look after Espiritu Santo keep it clean and green) is a 2-day music festival that draws musicians from around the Pacific, including, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia and Australia and proudly hosts many kastom performance groups and musicians from the SANMA Province. The Lukaotem Gud Santo vision is to help create a harmonious, clean & safe environment in Espiritu Santo by using music as a tool for communication and education. Luganville – Espiritu Santo • • +678 71 16 236
DTBA: Fest’ Nalenga
Efate Island.
DTBA: Fest’ Napuan
Efate Island.
DTBA: Fest’ Tamariki
Efate Island.
DTBA: Zion Fest’
Efate Island.

DTBA: Vanua Lava Festival
Vanua Lava Island.

DTBA: Lalinda Festival
Ambrym Island.

DTBA: Rom Ceremonies
Ambrym Island.

DTBA: MAD Cross Country Races
The MAD (Motorcycle and Dirt Bike) Club of Vanuatu will be hosting 6 dirt bike races throughout 2013. There will be three cross country events with team and individual categories, and three motocross events to be held at our purpose built track at Club Hippique. All events will cater for a wide range of rider ability from beginner to advanced, and offer a great day for all involved. Around Port-Vila – Efate Island • • +678 55 42 099


04-06/10: Wot Rock Offshore Race
The first day is a social sail of the fleet from Port Vila to the Wahoo Bar in the Havannah Harbor. Saturday morning will see the yachts leaving the comfort of Havannah Harbor past Moso and Nguna Islands towards Emau Island where a lonely rock outcrop known as Wot Rock presents itself and is used as the mark for the yachts to round then return to the Havannah Harbor. Arrival celebrations are held for arriving yachts from the Wahoo Bar by general public. Any fish caught during the race by competing yachts are awarded with time reductions, and quickly changes the results. Sunday is a social sail back to Port Vila. Port-Vila – Efate Island • • +678 55 52 222

14/10: Noumea – Port-Vila Yachts Race Arrival
The Cercle Nautique Caledonien (CNC) cruising yachts race arrival will take place on this day in Port-Vila bay. It’s the end of – at least – a 2 full-day nautical race event, which departed from Noumea on the 12th October. Port-Vila – Efate Island • • +687 26 27 27

18-20/10: Adventure Race
This serious event is over three days. Competitors start on Friday 22nd with the night prologue and its three means of transport test: paddle, mountain biking and on-foot. On Saturday 23rd the contenders will ride to Lelepa Landing, paddle to Lelepa Island, run through the island before paddling back to the Wahoo Bar. And on Sunday 24th there will be mountain biking, trekking, tubing, mountain biking again, paddling, mystery activities and mountain biking before crossing the arrival line. Registration is open to teams of two. Efate Island • • +678 55 53 153.

27/10: Anchor Cup Regatta
The only regatta day in the sailing calendar. With three races to the day with handicaps awarded to each yacht during the event from the committee vessel. The courses are set inside the harbor with often a large variance in competing yachts and numbers has seen the event also popular for spectators, visiting yachts and crew. Port-Vila – Efate Island • • +678 55 52 222

DTBA: Wala Naversa Festival
Malekula Island.

DTBA: Espiritu Santo Cricket Tournament
A new Cricket Tournament that will be happening for the first time in SANMA Province on October. Under the guidance of hard working Vanuatu Cricket Santo Manager Graham Lele Cricket is really taking off in Luganville. Kids and adults are now a regular sight playing this great sport. Watch out Port-Vila!! Luganville – Espiritu Santo • +678 59 24 419

DTBA: Outrigger Canoes Race
Well we have the most beautiful beaches in the South Pacific; we want you all to see them. Port-Olry boasts the best and who would disagree. Golden sand, palm trees the ever popular Restaurant and Bar. Winner of the race will receive great prices and also the crowd watching the race can cheer the competitors and enjoy themselves with cool Tusker. It’s going to be fun. Port-Olry – Espiritu Santo Island • •+678 37 719


17/11: Full Moon Sail
A social event aimed at attracting all members of the public, visiting yachts and tourists to come and enjoy the waters of Vanuatu. The sailing commences an hour before sunset with all boats racing towards the direction of the setting sun. Upon the sun finally disappearing over the horizon all yachts turn around and race back towards Port Vila with the fleet all crossing the line at the same time. With a new growing number of yachts available for charter in Port Vila, the event is available to all and a great fun way to get out on the water for all ages. Port-Vila – Efate Island • • +678 55 52 222

29/11: Saint Andrew Festival
For more than 100 years, the people of Rah and neighboring Mota Lava in the Banks group of islands have been coming together to combine custom tradition with Christianity celebrating the life of St. Andrew. This is a three-day event, with visitors welcome to join in the extraordinary culture and celebrations. Fish using a giant traditional coconut leaves fishing net, taste the “volcano baked” food, see the famed sea snake dances and trek up the Rock of Rah or the Sleeping Giant mount. Rah island – Mota Lava island • • +678 37 365

DTBA: Numbawan Gamefish Classic
Around Port-Vila – Efate Island •

DTBA: Vanuatu Barista
Port-Vila – Efate Island • • +678 23 425

DTBA : Culinary Arts Show
Each year our Chefs, including our Trainee Chefs attending HTLTC and APTC, as well as visiting Chefs from the region, compete in static display and live cooking competition. There is a team event: Mystery Box food ingredients, 2 hours, 2 Chefs, 2 waiters and a 3-course mean for 4 people with wine service. Our chefs are judged to international standards, by International Chefs. High quality must be produced to win gold. Competitors go head to head in competition, hoping to gain medals in each individual class. Some are hoping to win Chief of the Year in Junior and Senior categories. Port-Vila – Efate Island • • +678 77 45 469

DTBA: MAD Moto Cross Races
The MAD (Motorcycle and Dirt Bike) Club of Vanuatu will be hosting 6 dirt bike races throughout 2013. There will be three cross country events with team and individual categories, and three motocross events to be held at our purpose built track at Club Hippique. All events will cater for a wide range of rider ability from beginner to advanced, and offer a great day for all involved. Club Hippique – Efate Island • • +678 55 42 099


01-08/12: Christmas in the Park
This week-long event is popular amongst local families and kids. Tropical booths are dressed-up at the sea front and propose food for take-away as well as Christmas gifts while singing groups perform on the municipal stage till late in the evening. Open air public discussions and workshops on actual issues are held in the morning and afternoon. Cultural dancers, contemporary bands and religious choirs share the entertainment scene in the evening. Come and have a look at the cake competition, the island dress competition or just enjoy the park night’s illumination. Port-Vila – Efate Island •

DTBA: Nambawan DJ Festival
Vanuatu’s Nambawan DJ Festival will have 7 DJ’s, Hours & hours of non-stop music, 2 levels and a huge balcony. Boy do we have some wicked surprises for you all!! We have no affiliations with any other event that claims to be a part of this as this is sponsored by Jim Beam & Nambawan and is strictly created by the Sound Tribe Krew. This is open for ages of 16 years and up. Under 18’s will be not served alcohol and anyone under 18yo found with alcohol will be ejected from the premises immediately and banned indefinitely. Come and party like there is no tomorrow! Port-Vila – Efate Island • • +678 59 20 807

DTBA: Devil’s Point Superstage Rally
The recently build “Devils Point Superstage”, a customized 2.5km run in two laps (5kms) where 2 cars compete side by side against the clock, usually see 12 odd vehicles competing, with a variety of old rear wheel drive atmospheric cars (historical, but lots of fun to drive being sideways in every corners) to near top of the range Subaru Impreza 2004 Sti Turbo Charged 4WD rally car. Come and check-it out, its lot of fun for spectators and drivers who want to join-in! Devil’s Point – Efate Island • • +678 59 02 514

DTBA: Rallye des Mille Vaches
Bellevue – Efate Island.

DTBA: Emis Point Classic
Port-Vila – Efate Island.

Note: The date, time and location of the events listed here are correct at the time of printing. To confirm current details, please contact the organizers directly using the contact details provided. For updates on the events, visit