From humble beginnings the reggae band Masamp Crew has held true to its roots since its inception in 2006.

They have made their mark in the regional scene with their two well known songs “West Papua” and “Right Teachings”.

Based at the Wan Smol Bag Youth Centre, the band derives its name from the term “Massive Amps” with its intent to always create “big sounds”.
They have toured Malekula and have had a major presence in Port Vila through festivals such as Fest Napuan.

Elements from their home islands in Malekula, Ambrym, Pentecost, and Erromango can be heard in their music through the use of traditional instruments and lyrical content.
The band was formed as a way to deter its members from criminal activities in “Hollen 73 Distrik”.

As a result their conscious sounds have brought to light several social problems. Issues such as unemployment, human rights, and regional conflict are re-occurring themes in their music.

The response from listeners has been positive, and their progression in music has allowed them to adopt new styles and sounds. In an industry dominated by computer producers and auto tune pluggins, it is great to hear artists staying true to their craft and consistently putting out authentic reggae singles.

If you would like to hear more from them, attend this year’s Fest Napuan Festival at the Saralana Stage on the 16th to the 20th of October.

Source: Vanuatu Daily Post –
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Vanuatu yesterday achieved a historic milestone when Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) through the Government of Vanuatu, gave the green light to the first ever Vanuatu-owned airline operator, Belair Airways Vanuatu Limited to fully operate as a regular airline operator.

This agreement was sealed when the Director of CAA, Joseph Niel, handed over Air Operations Certificate (AOC) to the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Willie Ben Karie.

Operated and managed by ni-Vanuatu, the CEO to the new airline company confirmed the airline would start providing services to the people of Vanuatu by next month.
Director Niel said the interest to operate an airline services by Belair Company built on since last year. CAA then gave them advice and instructions on requirements and rules of the aviation industry.

Not new to transportation business, as they own the Belair Shipping Limited and having experienced members of family in the aviation industry, namely John Karie, currently a pilot who has spent 35 years in aviation industry, as well as the wife of Willie Ben Karie, also having aviation background, Belair Airways Limited followed the normal certification process and submitted their applications accordingly.

“I am proud to say that the manual for the new airline is written only by a ni-Vanuatu,” Director Niel announced.

According to Niel, the manual complies with aviation rule and safety that all airline operations operate under.

Admitting that there are still few gaps that still needed to be addressed and strengthened, Karie confirmed that they would work closely with CAA to address the areas which need final adjustments before providing services.

Karie confirmed the airline operation plans, including schedule, is already outlined and the company is licensed to provide service for a 10-seater aircraft.

Source: Vanuatu Daily Post –
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